If you have any questions that are not answered below, please submit them to FFTFOCsupport@lisc.org

How do I gain access to the FOC FOUndations platform?

To gain access to this platform you will need to be an FOC partner staff. If you have a Salesforce account with LISC then you can use your Salesforce credentials to login. If you need assistance with registration please reach out to your local program officer.

Are the courses free?

Yes! All course available through this platform is completely free to learners.

Can we earn a certificate at the completion of a course?

Yes! At the completion of each course, you will receive a badge or a certificate of completion. You also have the ability to print out a transcript that will list all the courses you have taken and the certificates you have earned.

How do I connect with other learners?

We are excited to share that through this platform you can connect with other practitioners across the FOC network. Learners can use Forums to join or begin a conversation and even request to ‘friend’ a user to send private direct messages.

How can I check my progress through a course?

If you have begun a course, you will find a progress bar displayed at the top of the preview screen that will show you how far along you are. You can also click on the course to see a progress wheel. Lastly, from your learner dashboard, you can view your course progress in the box next to your checklist.

Where should I start?

The checklist on your learner dashboard is the best place to start. It will provide you with a list of action steps you will need to take to complete your training.